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July 29, 2021



Svoboda a přímá demokracie (SPD)

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Czech Republic: Hundreds demonstrate against meeting of anti-immigration hate parties from all over Europe

16.12.2017 9:36 Yesterday in Prague, according to police, approximately 300 predominantly left-wing activists protested against today's planned meeting in the Czech capital of representatives of anti-immigration parties from all over Europe. Organizers of the event claim approximately 500 people turned out.
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Czech President will address national convention of xenophobic SPD party

8.12.2017 7:18 Czech President Miloš Zeman will attend the convention of the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) party tomorrow. He is planning to give a speech there.  full story

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Czech party proposes lower house security committee be led by man who has spread disinformation online

23.11.2017 11:22 The "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement is proposing that its vice-chair, Radim Fiala, be appointed as the head of the Economic Committee of the Czech lower house and that Radek Koten, its top candidate from the Vysočina Region, be appointed as the head of the Security Committee. SPD chair Tomio Okamura told the media on 20 November prior to the beginning of the constitutive session of the Chamber of Deputies that Koten's record is untarnished with respect to security.  full story

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