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May 18, 2021



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Over 30 gypsies from Romania, on the verge of expulsion

Madrid, 3.9.2010 11:12, ( Over 30 gypsies from Romania living in illegal camps in Madrid's outskirts might be expelled if their penal files, opened by the local police, are considered. They are felons with plenty of convictions and live in harsh condition in El Gallinero, transformed into a no man's land. Gypsies come either from Braila or Tandarei, a village dominated by gypsies in Romania.  full story

Gypsies afraid over violent 'gang attacks'

UK, 3.9.2010 11:09, (BBC) Reports of violent gang attacks are spreading fear in some of Britain's traveller communities. They include claims of groups of around 20 Polish and Irish men, all armed, attacking travellers, as well as stories of children being abducted and held hostage in return for money and jewellery.  full story

EU presses France on Roma deportations

Brussels, 2.9.2010 22:31, (BBC) The European Commission has criticised France over its expulsions of Roma (Gypsies) and has requested more information about the crackdown.  full story

French National Court Rejects Government Order of Roma’s Deportation

Paris, 2.9.2010 22:25, (French Tribune) Defying the intentions of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to 'dismantle' the gypsy camps, the national court declared a decision on Tuesday that blocked the deportation of the 7 gypsies to Brazil or Romania. These gypsies have been taken out of their houses, as the Government labeled them 'illegal'.  full story

Italy: Mayor moves to demolish Roma Gypsy camps

Roma, 1.9.2010 22:27, (AKI) Illegal Roma Gypsy camps which have sprung up in the Italian capital will be razed to the ground starting next week, Rome's conservative mayor Gianni Alemanno said on Wednesday.  full story

Speak up against Roma expulsion by France, India told

Paris, 29.8.2010 12:50, (The Economic Times) India must speak up against France for the en masse expulsion of Indian-origin Roma people, said Ujjal Dosanjh, former Canadian health minister and top Indo-Canadian leader.  full story

Suspicion of 'racist' thinking on Roma expulsions

Prague, 28.8.2010 22:36, (AFP) The Czech Republic's foreign minister on Saturday condemned France's expulsion of Roma Gypsies and said he could not avoid the suspicion that 'racist' thinking played a part in the policy.  full story

September 6th... The Infamous French Summit against Roma!

Bucharest, 28.8.2010 15:01, (ROMEA) Roma brothers and sisters, friends of all ethnic groups, all those committed to the principles of equality and discrimination in our societies, we call to join our international protest series organized simultaneously on September 6th at 11:30 a.m. (Bucharest time). The protest is initiated and supported by the Roma Civic Alliance of Romania Roma community leaders from Bihor, Botosani, Braila, Brasov, Constanta, Dolj, Hunedoara, Iasi, Ilfov, Neamt, Salaj, Timisoara counties, in response to the summit organized by the French President Nicholas Sarkozy in Paris.  full story

France Rejects UN Criticism on Roma Crackdown

Paris, 28.8.2010 14:10, (NOVINITE) France’s government said it respects human rights “scrupulously” in connection with its deportation of Roma immigrants after a United Nations agency criticized harshly their expulsion.  full story

3,000 gypsies coming to Birmingham for Pope's visit

Birmingham, 28.8.2010 14:07, (Birmingham Mail) COUNCIL chiefs say they expect 3,000 travellers to come to Birmingham during the next few weeks for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit.gypsies  full story

City council sets aside sites for gypsies arriving to see Pope in Birmingham

Birmingham, 27.8.2010 14:04, (Birmingham Post) The city council is earmarking sites across Birmingham to accommodate future convoys of gypsies which may travel to the city hoping to see the Pope.  full story

France deports more Roma in defiance of international criticism

Paris, 27.8.2010 14:02, (DW World) France deported hundreds more Roma on Thursday in defiance of growing international unease about its crackdown on traveling minorities. Amnesty International said it was alarmed about the stigmatization of the Roma.  full story

Deported Bulgarian Roma Set to Return to France

Sofia/Paris, 27.8.2010 14:01, (NOVINITE) Roma who landed in Bulgaria’s Varna airport from France at the end of this week said they will return to the country, adding they were not expelled or deported, but were just asked to voluntarily leave for EUR 300.  full story

The Roma-go-round – 2

Bucharest, 27.8.2010 13:59, (The Sofia Echo) It was a brisk trade: France sent Roma back to Romania, and Romania hurled criticism at France.  full story

The Roma-go-round – 1

Sofia, 27.8.2010 13:57, (The Sofia Echo) Media reports and official statements about the return of Roma from France to Bulgaria and Romania used a variety of terms to describe the process, among them "deportation", "expulsion" and "repatriation" – sometimes, and technically accurately, "voluntary repatriation".  full story

Barroso and Fillon to hold Roma 'workshop'

Paris, 27.8.2010 13:55, (EUObserver) Even as France in defiance of international criticism on Thursday (27 August) continued its policy of rounding up and deporting Roma from the country, Prime Minister Francois Fillon announced a further attempt to Europeanise the issue.  full story

Romania and Bulgaria keep low profile on Roma expulsions

Brussels/Paris/Sofia, 26.8.2010 13:50, (EUObserver) The Romanian population has received the news of the beginning of the expulsion from France of hundreds - possibly thousands - of Romanian Gypsies with almost total indifference, bordering sometimes on outright hostility to the return of the marginalised social group.  full story

Fears over traveller and gypsy sites in Somerset

Somerset , 26.8.2010 13:46, (BBC) Travellers and gypsies in Somerset say they may be forced to live on unauthorised sites because there is a shortage of pitches for them.Boy in a gypsy wagon.  full story

US Ambassador: Bulgaria Needs More Effort in Roma Integration

Sofia/Paris, 26.8.2010 13:44, (NOVINITE) The US Ambassador to Sofia, James Warlick, believes the main problem Bulgaria faces after the return of local Roma from France would be their integration.  full story

Socialists outraged by Jobbik mayoral candidate's call to banish Roma criminals

Budapest, 26.8.2010 13:43, ( The opposition Socialist party has called on Hungary's democratic political forces to distance themselves from a proposal by a radical nationalist Jobbik party politician to "banish Roma criminals" from the northeastern city of Miskolc.  full story

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