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May 18, 2021



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French MEP 'Irritated' by Pope's Criticism of Roma Deportation

Paris/Sofia, 26.8.2010 13:41, (NOVINITE) The French Member of the European Parliament, Bruno Gollnisch, proposes that Roma deported from France are accommodated at the St. Peter Square in Rome, according to the French newspaper Point.  full story

France expels 8,000 Roma so far this year

Paris, 25.8.2010 23:37, (Euronews) France remains defiant in the face of widespread criticism over its policy of deporting Roma gypsies and closing illegal camps. More than 8,000 Roma have been sent back to Romania and Bulgaria this year so far and nearly 300 are flying back on Wednesday on two special flights.  full story

Romanian officials in Paris to discuss deportation of Roma

Paris, 25.8.2010 16:13, (France24) Romanian officials meet with French ministers in Paris on Wednesday to mend strained diplomatic relations following a drive by France’s government to expel hundreds of Roma and Gypsies to Romania.  full story

Uncertain times for travellers and gypsies

Essex, 25.8.2010 16:00, (BBC) A traveller all her life, 69-year-old Mary Ann McCarthy is proud to show visitors around the place she calls home.  full story

Prospect of French 'anti-Roma' summit disturbs EU presidency

Brussels, 25.8.2010 15:52, (EUObserver) Belgium, which currently holds the EU's six-month rotating presidency, may reject France's invitation to a ministerial meeting for fear that Paris wants to use the event to legitimise its policy of rounding up and expelling Roma.  full story

2nd Group of French-deported Roma Lands in Bulgaria

Sofia, 25.8.2010 15:48, (NOVINITE) The second group of Bulgarian Roma deported from France is arriving in Sofia Wednesday afternoon. Upon landing the Roma will be transferred on another flight to the Black Sea capital Varna because they are said to be from this region.  full story

France to push ahead with expulsion of Gypsies, dismantling camps, despite criticism

Paris, 25.8.2010 15:45, (Winnipeg Free Press) France will continue to dismantle illegal Gypsy encampments and send their inhabitants back to Eastern Europe despite widespread international criticism over the crackdown, the country's interior minister said Wednesday  full story

Bulgaria's Top Diplomat: Media Distorts France's Roma Deportation

Sofia, 25.8.2010 15:42, (NOVINITE) Bulgaria has excellent relations with France and there is no danger that the free movement of people in the EU will be restricted, Bulgaria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikolay Mladenov says.  full story

Council of Europe Condemns French Treatment of Roma

Paris/Brussels, 24.8.2010 13:22, (NOVINITE) The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) of the Council of Europe reacted strongly Tuesday to the deportation of Roma in France.  full story

Bulgaria's Schengen Accession will not be affected by Roma expulsion from France - EC official

Sofia/Paris, 24.8.2010 13:18, (The Sofia Echo) Controversy surrounding the repatriation of Roma of Bulgarian and Romanian nationality will not affect those two countries' relations with Europe.  full story

The Plight of the Roma

EU, 24.8.2010 11:58, (Social Europe Journal) The Roma have been persecuted across Europe for centuries. Now they face a form of discrimination unseen in Europe since World War II: group evictions and expulsions from several European democracies of men, women, and children on the grounds that they pose a threat to public order.  full story

Call for EU strategy on migration of Roma

Bucharest, 24.8.2010 11:31, (Irish Times) ROMANIA HAS called for a European Union-wide strategy to deal with Roma migration, after raising concerns about France’s plan to dismantle hundreds of Roma camps and send their residents back to the Balkans.  full story

Villager arrested after 'firing shot' over gypsy children intruding in garden

UK, 24.8.2010 11:25, (Telegraph) A hunter has been arrested after a firing a warning shot over the heads of gypsy children intruding on his land next to the site of a religious festival.  full story

EU education goals: A mixed picture in Eastern Europe

Brussels, 24.8.2010 11:18, (Euractiv) While some of the EU's Eastern member states are confident about achieving the bloc's 2020 education targets, others – Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania – may struggle to satisfy the European Commission's expectations. EurActiv's media network reports.  full story

USA Condemns France over Roma Deportation

New York/Paris, 24.8.2010 11:12, (Standart) The deportation of Romanian and Bulgarian Roma from France is an act of political cynicism, is the overall opinion expressed by the commentaries in leading US media.  full story

Former PM calls security crackdown ‘stain of shame’ on French flag

Paris, 24.8.2010 11:09, (France24) French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent proposals on security and immigration have opened up a can of worms, earning him sharp criticism from both sides of the French political divide.  full story

Pope asks French to welcome all nationalities

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, 22.8.2010 15:00, (AFP) Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday asked French pilgrims to welcome people of all origins days after France repatriated more than 200 Roma and Gypsies in a controversial crackdown.  full story

Rome: Problem is Many Roma Possess Italian Citizenship

Roma, 22.8.2010 11:22, (NOVINITE) As Italy is bracing to expel from the country all European Union (EU) citizens that had violated basic requirements for living in the country, the interior minister has complained that unlike in France, many Roma have Italian citizenship.  full story

Roma killings accused linked to security services

Budapest, 22.8.2010 11:16, (The Herald Scotland) After half a decade of random murders of Hungarian Gypsies, four suspects have been arrested amid claims they may have had links with the country’s various secret intelligence services.  full story

Bishops rebuke Maroni’s immigration plans

Roma, 22.8.2010 11:07, (Euronews) A proposal by a member of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling coalition to expel EU nationals living off state handouts has drawn a stinging rebuke from Catholic bishops in Italy.  full story

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