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June 18, 2021



Zdeněk Ryšavý

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Vítkov family’s neighbors: Lights in the house could be seen at night

Ostrava, 21.5.2010 16:59, (ROMEA) Today the leader of a Boy Scout group to which Vítkov arson trial defendant Václav Cojocaru belonged for several years testified in court that he had Romani friends. A teacher of two of the other defendants, Ivo Müller and David Vaculík, testified that as students they had never caused problems. The trial of last year’s arson attack on a Romani family, in which the infant Natálie suffered extensive burn injuries, is in its second week.  full story

Vítkov trial: Defense tries to discredit victims, firefighter too afraid to testify

Ostrava, 20.5.2010 16:16, (ROMEA) Members of the Romani family who were the target of last year’s arson attack in Vítkov testified today before the court in Ostrava. The court heard testimony from victim Vlasta Malá, who rejected the defendants’ claims that her home had been a storehouse for stolen goods. Defendant David Vaculík, who made a request yesterday to be excused from the trial for health reasons, was present in court today.  full story

Vítkov trial: neo-Nazis met at Workers’ Party demonstrations

Ostrava, 19.5.2010 21:11, (ROMEA) The Vítkov arson trial entered its sixth day at the Regional Court in Ostrava today with testimony from other witnesses on the agenda, including a volunteer firefighter who significantly contributed to the apprehension of the neo-Nazi perpetrators. Friends of the defendants and neighbors of the victims were also scheduled to testify. Anna Siváková and Pavel Kudrik, the parents of burn victim Natálie, are scheduled to testify Thursday. Siváková will be present in court, which means her daughter will miss a therapy session.  full story

Arsonist was on welfare, spent more time with friends than with his child

Ostrava, 18.5.2010 16:36, (ROMEA) The majority of witnesses called from the circle of those who know the four men charged with the Vítkov arson attack refused to testify at the Regional Court in Ostrava today. Of the nine witnesses summoned, three did not appear, and of the six in court only Jakub Demele testified. A neo-Nazi t-shirt with a Thor Steinar logo on it which defendant David Vaculík wore to court also became a topic of the hearing.  full story

Another fire in Rybářská street – was it another attack?

Opava, 16.5.2010 3:53, (ROMEA) The building on Rybářská street in Opava where three Romani families live may have been the target of another arson attack in the early morning hours of Saturday. Kumar Vishwanathan, who has long worked with the local community, reported the incident to the press. However, police and firefighters only logged a fire in the locality roughly 100 meters away from the building, according to the daily Právo.  full story

Arson trial: Nazis blame each other, contradict themselves, were after “gypsies”

Ostrava, 12.5.2010 16:52, (ROMEA) The trial in Ostrava of the four men behind last year’s arson attack on a Roma home in Vítkov entered its second day today. Defendant David Vaculík said yesterday’s testimony by co-defendants Václava Cojocaru and Ivo Müller had been untruthful, but continued to refuse to testify himself. Defendant Jaromír Lukeš has also refused to testify.  full story

Vítkov arsonists claim attack was meant to hit a storehouse of stolen goods

Ostrava/Vítkov, 12.5.2010 3:05, (ROMEA) Under extraordinary security measures, the trial of last year’s arson attack on the home of a Romani family in Vítkov started today at 9 AM in the Ostrava Regional Court. The victims of the fire that was intentionally set during the early morning hours of 19 April included a little girl, Natálka, not yet two years old at the time, who suffered extensive burns. The indictment alleges that four neo-Nazis from Bruntál and Opava districts wanted to pull off a large-scale action ahead of the 120th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth on 20 April 2009. They face up to 15 years in prison if convicted, but an exceptional sentence of life in prison may also be handed down.  full story

Czech government appoints new members to its “Roma” council

Prague, 10.5.2010 19:56, (ROMEA) The Czech Government has approved a proposal to appoint the members of its new Government Council for Roma Minority Affairs. The following people have been appointed to represent civil society on the Council:  full story

VV patrols are similar to the Protective Corps of the dissolved Workers’ Party

Prague, 7.5.2010 2:55, (ROMEA) Radek John, the chair of the non-parliamentary Public Affairs Party (Věcí veřejných - VV), does not have the right to sign contracts for the party or negotiate on its behalf. According to reporting in the daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD), only Executive Vice-Chair Jaroslav Škárka has that responsibility. The daily Hospodářské noviny (HN) reports that Škárka makes no secret of his provocative opinions, even though he rejects the “extremist” label. Experts consider the VV patrols to be similar to the Protective Corps of the recently dissolved Workers’ Party.  full story

Locals don’t want the DSSS in Trmice and are preparing a “surprise” for them

Trmice, 5.5.2010 19:20, (ROMEA) Police officers and town halls across the Ústí nad Labem region are getting ready for the election campaign of the Workers’ Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) in the region. The party has planned several electoral rallies for Friday and Saturday in towns which feature socially excluded localities. Locals are preparing a “surprise” for the DSSS promoters but are not specifying details. Police representatives told the Czech Press Agency yesterday that patrols will be enhanced at all locations and additional forces will be called in if necessary.  full story

Czech Television: One million Czechs suffer from poverty

Prague, 26.4.2010 13:55, (ROMEA) Czech Television reports that almost one million people in the Czech Republic are living in poverty, which means they are not able to provide themselves with enough clean water, clothing, or food. The Czech branch of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) says the country’s social welfare system maintains the poor at subsistence level only. As part of the European Year for Combating Social Exclusion and Poverty, the Czech Republic has allocated CZK 12.5 million crowns (EUR 490 000) to 12 projects to improve the situation.  full story

Nazi debacle in Plzeň: 100 Nazis, six of them detained, 200 counter-protesters

Plzeň, 25.4.2010 14:46, (ROMEA) Yesterday Jiří Strobach, magistrate of the central municipal district of Plzeň, dispersed a previously announced Nazi march shortly after it began. Deputy Regional Police Director Jaromír Kníže later told journalists the demonstration had been dispersed because the slogans on the clothing of some participants were most probably illegal. High Commissioner Jana Václavová told the Czech Press Agency that police had detained four people at the march, including a foreign national, and detained another two after it was dispersed.  full story

Brutal neo-Nazi attack will not be punished

Ostrava, 13.4.2010 16:08, (ROMEA) Today the Regional Court in Ostrava acquitted two youths charged with attacking people at a concert in Rýmařov. One of them, David Vaculík, is also a suspect in the arson attack on the home of a Romani family in Vítkov. The district court gave him a suspended sentence for the attack on the concert audience, but today the appellate court overturned the original verdict. Judge Milan Ihnát said the prosecution failed to prove the defendants had committed the crime.  full story

Neo-Nazis sentenced without possibility of parole for attack on Romani man

Prague, 12.4.2010 18:13, (ROMEA) On 8 April the Regional Court in Prague sentenced brothers Ondřej and Jakub Neuman to sentences without the possibility of parole for brutally attacking a Romani man in Beroun last year. The verdict, which has yet to take effect, sentenced Ondřej Neuman to four years in prison for attacking the man with a garden hoe, while Jakub Neuman was sentenced to one year in prison, according to Mediafax.  full story

Czech MP distances herself from “There has been enough anti-discrimination”

Prague, 7.4.2010 2:08, (ROMEA) The name of Christian Democratic MP Michaela Šojdrová on an invitation to the upcoming “There has been enough anti-discrimination” event is a misunderstanding. “I was never asked to become a supporter of the event,” Šojdrová told news server Deník Referendum. Šojdrová said she intends to contact the organizers to clarify how her name ended up among the supporters listed on the invitation. Věra Tydlitátová of the League against Anti-Semitism has criticized her for her participation.  full story

Man gets four years in prison for throwing beer glass, iron bar at neo-Nazis

Teplice, 6.4.2010 17:07, (ROMEA) A man who threw a half-liter beer glass and an iron bar at those attending an event convened by the racist Workers’ Party last year in Krupce (Teplice district) has been sentenced by a court in Teplice to four years in prison for attempted grievous bodily harm. The Mlada fronta DNES newspaper published the news in today’s North Bohemian insert. The extremist party convened the event on 25 April 2009 at a housing estate where most of the residents are Roma.  full story

Two Molotov cocktails were thrown in Opava attack

Opava, 4.4.2010 14:13, (ROMEA) The recent attack on Rybářská street in Opava involved two Molotov cocktails. No one was injured, Czech Television reports. Perpetrators threw the bottles into the entryway of an apartment building at about 1 AM Saturday. The doors to the building are usually open. The case was reported to police in Opava at 6:30 AM that same morning by a 55-year-old occupant of the building.  full story

Attack in Bedřiška was even more malicious than Vítkov, the bottle held ether

Ostrava, 27.3.2010 15:56, (ROMEA) The results of a police investigation have confirmed that the Molotov cocktail used during the attack on a Romani family’s home in the Bedřiška settlement of Ostrava contained diethylether, a highly flammable solvent used in laboratories. Soňa Štětínská, spokesperson for the Moravian-Silesian Police, informed the Czech Press Agency of the findings today.  full story

Hungarian Guard prevents Roma from attending Jobbik party meetings

Budapest, 22.3.2010 19:35, (ROMEA) The TASR Agency reports that uniformed members of the banned Hungarian Guard have prevented about 10 local Roma from attending a meeting of the neo-fascist Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) in the northern town of Hajdúhadháze.  full story

Molotov cocktail attack on Roma in Hungary

Budapest, 19.3.2010 1:32, (ROMEA) Four homes occupied by Roma in the town of Siófok near Lake Balaton in Hungary became the target of a coordinated Molotov cocktail attack in the early morning hours of Thursday 18 March. News server cited reports from Hungarian news server There were no injuries.  full story

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