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September 27, 2021



Zdeněk Ryšavý

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Attack in Bedřiška was even more malicious than Vítkov, the bottle held ether

Ostrava, 27.3.2010 15:56, (ROMEA) The results of a police investigation have confirmed that the Molotov cocktail used during the attack on a Romani family’s home in the Bedřiška settlement of Ostrava contained diethylether, a highly flammable solvent used in laboratories. Soňa Štětínská, spokesperson for the Moravian-Silesian Police, informed the Czech Press Agency of the findings today.  full story

Hungarian Guard prevents Roma from attending Jobbik party meetings

Budapest, 22.3.2010 19:35, (ROMEA) The TASR Agency reports that uniformed members of the banned Hungarian Guard have prevented about 10 local Roma from attending a meeting of the neo-fascist Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) in the northern town of Hajdúhadháze.  full story

Molotov cocktail attack on Roma in Hungary

Budapest, 19.3.2010 1:32, (ROMEA) Four homes occupied by Roma in the town of Siófok near Lake Balaton in Hungary became the target of a coordinated Molotov cocktail attack in the early morning hours of Thursday 18 March. News server cited reports from Hungarian news server There were no injuries.  full story

Molotov cocktail attack on Roma in Ostrava

Ostrava, 15.3.2010 23:16, (ROMEA) A Molotov cocktail was thrown into the home of a Romani family in the Bedřiška settlement in the city of Ostrava during the early hours of Sunday morning. No one was injured. Speaking at a press conference today, Tomáš Landsfeld, director of the Ostrava Police, said that so far there is no reason to believe extremists were behind the attack. The case is being investigated by a special 15-member team as one of reckless endangerment. An unidentified perpetrator threw the Molotov cocktail through the window of a bedroom in which a 14-year-old girl was sleeping.  full story

Shooting at the Bondy shopping center: Testimony of the Romani victim

Mladá Boleslav, 11.3.2010 21:54, (ROMEA) On the afternoon of Tuesday 2 March 2010, an incident occurred at the Bondy shopping center in Mladá Boleslav during which a security guard injured a young Romani man by firing a gas pistol at him. Media reports originally described the situation only from the guard’s point of view, a version that described the Romani people involved as assailants. These people have now turned for assistance to the Jekhetani Luma civic association, which is presenting a completely different version of the entire incident.  full story

Kocáb offers to resign over his private life, Abbasová has given notice

Prague, 10.3.2010 21:43, (ROMEA) Czech Minister for Human Rights Kocáb has offered his resignation to Czech PM Jan Fischer due to media reports about his private life. Fischer does not want to accept his resignation. Today the daily Blesk reported that Kocáb is having an affair with his spokesperson, Lejla Abbásová. News server reports she has given notice, which has been accepted.  full story

Sedláček gets suspended sentence for racist statements at National Party event

Prague, 10.3.2010 0:25, (ROMEA) Pavel Sedláček has received a one-year prison sentence, suspended for a trial period of three years, due to racist statements he made in October 2008 at a gathering of the nationalist National Party (Národní strana - NS) in Prague. The District Court for Prague 1 found him guilty of the crimes of defaming a nation, ethnic group, race or belief, inciting hatred toward a group of persons and/or suppressing their rights and freedoms. Presiding Judge Libor Vávra reported the verdict to the Czech Press Agency today. The court order took effect on 26 February.  full story

Collections agent wants more than CZK 8 million from the town of Chomutov

Chomutov, 5.3.2010 22:44, (ROMEA) Collections agent JUDr. Jan Paraska is billing the town of Chomutov CZK 8 million for collections performed on their behalf. Last year Paraska confiscated welfare benefits from debtors immediately after they were disbursed in cash at the town hall. The town is refusing to pay Paraska his fee. Instead, authorities are appealing to the Regional Court in Usti nad Labem, the Collections Chamber, and the Czech Justice Ministry. The news server reported on the case today.  full story

Karel Holomek on the Roma Holocaust, education of the Roma, and the Workers’ Party

Brno, 27.2.2010 18:06, (ROMEA) Karel Holomek, the founder of the Museum of Roma Culture, has been striving for rapprochement between the majority society and the Roma for 20 years. On the rising displays of intolerance toward this minority, various regional editions of Denik quote him as saying: “Even though hundreds of Roma suffered and died during the Second World War at the ‘Gypsy Camp’ in Hodonin by Kunstat, as of last year tourists were still using the recreation center, swimming pool and tennis courts that are located on that same site.”  full story

Vast majority of people agree with dissolution of the racist Workers’ Party

Prague, 21.2.2010 16:49, (ROMEA) Most people in the Czech Republic clearly agree with the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court in Brno to dissolve the racist Workers’ Party. The vast majority of participants in an exclusive survey performed by the SANEP company consider Workers’ Party members to be extremists promoting Nazism. The majority also agrees that any political movements or parties showing signs of incitement to violence, racial intolerance or xenophobia should be dissolved. More than half of all respondents believe police are not doing enough to combat extremism.  full story

Czech Supreme Court receives two extraordinary appeals, complaint in Barkoci case

Brno, 16.2.2010 19:15, (ROMEA) The Czech Supreme Court is beginning its review of the case of Martin Barkoci, a member of the Roma minority and former police officer who has been serving three years in prison for allegedly covering up a violent incident. During the past few days, Supreme Court justices have taken over the case file, Barkoci’s extraordinary appeal, the state prosecutor’s extraordinary appeal, and a complaint filed on behalf of Barkoci by Czech Justice Minister Daniela Kovarova, who also recently suspended Barkoci’s sentence. Court spokesperson Petr Knotig confirmed the court’s receipt of the Barkoci case documentation to the Czech Press Agency.  full story

Vitkov arson trial to begin in May, extraordinary measures to be taken

Ostrava, 11.2.2010 20:06, (ROMEA) The trial of the four young right-wing radicals accused in connection with the arson attack on the home of a Romani family in Vitkov will most probably start on 3 May, exactly one year after more than 3 000 Roma took to the streets across the Czech Republic to protest the brutal, racially motivated attack. The verdict will probably be issued in June. Judge Miloslav Studnicka, who is in charge of the trial, confirmed the dates to the Czech Press Agency today. He also admitted that the main hearing will be accompanied by extraordinary security measures due to the possible attendance of the extremists’ supporters.  full story

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