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May 18, 2021



Media monitoring

Italian minister praises France's crackdown on Roma

Roma, 21.8.2010 23:34, (AFP) Italy's interior minister on Saturday praised France's crackdown on Roma and Gypsies, saying it was "simply copying Italy" in flying more than 200 members of the minority to Romania this week.  full story

Poverty forces Roma to leave Bulgaria and Romania

Bucharest, 21.8.2010 23:30, (AFP) Europe's Roma communities, at the centre of an immigration row in France, are often driven out by poverty from their homes in Romania and Bulgaria, the European Union's two most impoverished members.  full story

France censured over Roma expulsions

Paris, 21.8.2010 23:26, (PressTV) France has defied mounting international criticism of its crackdown on Roma Gypsy immigrants and is continuing to deport them.A plane with around 130 Roma on board left an airport in Paris for Romania on Friday, AFP reported a day after 86 others left the country due to the so-called "voluntary return procedure."  full story

France expels Gypsies to Romania for second day

Paris, 20.8.2010 23:17, (AP) About 100 Gypsies, or Roma, were put on a charter flight headed to their native Romania on Friday, the second day in a row that France has expelled Roma in a much criticized government crackdown.  full story

France will begin expelling Roma in police crackdown

Paris, 19.8.2010 12:04, (BBC) France is to begin deporting Roma (Gypsies) as part of a crackdown on illegal camps in the country. The 79 Roma who agreed to return home voluntarily will be given 300 euros and flown back to Romania. Some 700 Roma will be flown out of France by the end of August, in a move which has been sharply criticised by rights groups.  full story

EU commission monitoring French Roma explusions

Brussels, 19.8.2010 11:59, (EUObserver) The European Commission is keeping a close eye on the French government's round-up and expulsion of Roma to ensure that EU rules are not breached, the EU executive said on Wednesday (18 August) on the eve of the deportations.  full story

Deputy William Brinza requests analysis on replacement of “rom” with “gypsy” in passports

Madrid, 19.8.2010 11:55, (Financiarul) Democrat Liberal (PDL) deputy for diaspora William Branza stated on Tuesday that he was going to discuss with Roma community representative in the Parliament Nicolae Paun, as well as with other political formations MPs the possibility of replacing the term of “rom” with “gypsy” for the respective ethnics, Romanian citizens.  full story

Romania in the dark over Roma facing return from France

Bucharest, 17.8.2010 12:33, ( Romania has no idea exactly how many Roma will be repatrated from France in the coming months, Romanian secretary of state for Roma affairs Valentin Mocanus said Monday. Mocanus is travelling to Paris on August 30 to set out a strategy for the reintegration of Roma, after France said it would tear down about 300 illegal "camps or squats" housing Gypsies and travellers in the next three months.  full story

Nicolas Sarkozy evokes memories of Gestapo by rounding up Roma for expulsion

Paris, 17.8.2010 12:27, (The Australian) TWO boys stood in a gymnasium in an eastern Paris suburb yesterday and pondered their future. "I want to be a mechanic and a footballer," said Benjamin, 14. "First, I'd like to go to school," he added. His companion, who has also never been to school, wanted to be a journalist.  full story

Citizen Rights Don't Apply to Roma

BUCHAREST, 17.8.2010 9:29, (IPS) All major European countries plan mass expulsions of Roma or demolitions of Roma settlements. Rights groups warn that these measures entail the criminalisation of an entire ethnic group, and break EU law.  full story

Anger as 1,000 gypsies arrive at ‘tiny’ festival

Swavesey, Cambridgeshire, 17.8.2010 9:08, (Express) WHEN residents of a picturesque village heard they were to host a Christian festival, they expected a handful of worshippers and a low-key programme of prayer meetings.  full story

UMP party lawmaker likens Roma evictions to 'wartime roundups'

Paris, 16.8.2010 16:15, (AFP) Following the latest government moves on Saturday to forcibly evict Roma people from illegal immigrant camps, a lawmaker from France's ruling UMP party, Jean-Pierre Grand, denounced the raids by saying they resembled WWII-era "roundups".  full story

France under fire over crackdown on illegal Roma camps

Paris, 16.8.2010 12:06, (Deutsche Welle) France is under mounting criticism for police raids on illegal Roma camps. Following international condemnation, the government is now facing flak closer to home.  full story

Growing Support in France for Expulsion of Roma Squatters

Paris, 16.8.2010 12:04, (Turkish Weekly) Mayors from the opposition Socialist Party have supported the crackdown on illegal settlements of Bulgarian and Romanian Roma around France.  full story

French Gypsy protest blocks major highway

BORDEAUX, 16.8.2010 12:00, (AFP) President Nicolas Sarkozy's government has in recent weeks launched a major and controversial crackdown on the travelling minorities, closing unauthorised camps and expelling foreign-born Gypsies from the country.  full story

Hindus want EU and UN to halt France’s racism engulfed Roma maltreatment

Nevada/Paris, 15.8.2010 0:21, (ROMEA) Hindus want immediate intervention of European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN) to halt the xenophobia and racism engulfing France.  full story

UN slams French prejudice

Paris, 13.8.2010 11:01, (The Connexion) THE UNITED Nations' Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has criticised the French government for a lack of political will' in tackling mounting acts of racism.  full story

France rounds up hundreds of Roma

Paris, 13.8.2010 10:52, (BBC) Some 700 people have been removed from more than 40 illegal Roma (Gypsy) camps in France as part of a police crackdown backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy.  full story

World Bank President Zoellick Concerned about Bulgarian Roma

Sofia, 10.8.2010 23:44, (NOVINITE) The President of the World Bank Robert Zoellick visited Monday Bulgarian capital Sofia's Roma neighborhood Fakulteta in order to meet the local community.  full story

France forgets history

Paris, 10.8.2010 23:28, (Winnipeg Free Press) The national motto of France -- liberté, égalité, fraternité -- is one of history's famous declarations for tolerance and human rights, but it may have to be stripped from the French constitution if the government continues with its threat to create separate classes of citizenship.  full story

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