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January 22, 2018
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Gyulla Banga

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PHOTO:  Facebook page
PHOTO: Facebook page "Architekti v osadě ("Architects in the settlement")

Slovak mayor aids Romani settlement and his village by resolving illegal construction situation

8.6.2017 14:17 Michal Didik, Mayor of Čirč, a community in eastern Slovakia, has recently aided the Romani settlement there, the residents of which have illegally built their homes on land belonging to others. "It was clearer to me than anything else under the sun that the Romani residents would never be buying the land beneath their houses. At the land registry office I ascertained who exactly owns the land beneath the settlement. I was startled by the big number of individual owners - one hectare is owned by as many as 150 people. I personally found each of them and asked them to donate their land to the municipality," Didik told news server  full story

Gyulla Banga

Gyulla Banga: The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion is about Roma without them

19.5.2015 6:52 The goings-on around the Agency are genuinely embarrassing. It's a farce!  full story

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Gyulla Banga: Roma Pride or a cheap circus?

Prague, 11.10.2014 1:03, (ROMEA) This year, just like last year, I did not attend Roma Pride. Just like hundreds of other Romani people in Prague, who should completely logically outnumber other Roma from around the country, I wasn't there.  full story

Gyulla Banga

Commentary: Some Romani activists are spreading anti-Romani sentiment

Prague, 14.1.2014 23:40, (ROMEA) Most of the readers of have probably watched the most recent episode of the Czech Television discussion program "Máte slovo“ ("You Have the Floor"), which is presented by Michaela Jílková. I have to admit that during that broadcast I found myself wondering whether I was really watching a Czech Television program at all.  full story

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Gyulla Banga: FIFA punishes Croatian footballer for promoting Nazism

Prague, 30.12.2013 17:25, (ROMEA) Josep Šimunič, a player with the Croatian football team, has been harshly punished by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) for making an inappropriate display of joy after successfully winning a close match with Iceland. Šimunič was "awarded" the privilege of watching the next 10 matches from the warmth of his home on TV (the punishment includes a clause banning him from the stadium and being with the other players) and, as if that weren't enough to regret, he also received a "Christmas present" in the amount of a fine for 30 000 Swiss francs for his "exemplary" behavior.  full story

Gyulla Banga

Commentary: Romani representatives will only be legitimate when actually elected

Prague, 26.10.2012 23:15, (ROMEA/Romano hangos) During discussions on the website of the Romea news server (, the debates between pro-Romani and Romani activists have often returned on various occasions to the topic of legitimacy - who can and should "speak on behalf of Romani people" or "represent Romani people" in the Czech Republic? The Editor-in-Chief of the Romano hangos periodical, Pavel Pečínka, has reached out to a circle of his regular contributors with questions that can all be summarized under the basic question of: Who can speak "for Romani people"? News server is gradually publishing the responses submitted to him by selected authors. Below is the translation of the response submitted by musician Gyulla Banga.  full story

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