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January 22, 2022



Czech, German rightists extremists conclude agreement

Prague, 21.4.2009 11:20, (ROMEA)

Czech rightist extremists have concluded an agreement with their German counterparts, the commercial television station Nova said today.

"The agreement has opened new dimensions to the cooperation of the two nations, which could be seen in Usti," an activist of the National Resistance and Workers' Party told Nova.

On Saturday, there was a march of rightist radicals in Usti nad Labem, north Bohemia.

In Usti nad Labem the police were mobilised against rightist extremists who staged a march in commemoration of the victims of the Allied bombing of the city in April 1945 that claimed over 500 lives and which the extremists say was unnecessary.

Many suspected the march to be a covert commemoration of the 120th birth anniversary of Adolf Hitler (April 20).

"Dilettantism is over, professionalisation is starting," Jan Subert, spokesman for the BIS counter-intelligence, is quoted as saying by Nova.

Subert said the movement had their own lawyers and managers, seeking inspiration among German nationalists.

Extremism expert Miroslav Mares said the movement would try to address the youth and to succeed in European and parliamentary elections.

Mares said the state's current methods were obsolete. "The state has proved a failure," Mares added.

The idea was rejected by outgoing Interior Minister Ivan Langer. "We have to take the lesson and continue with our efforts," Langer said.

Outgoing Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said earlier today a new strategy of fighting extremism will be approved at the last meeting of the government in two weeks.

"There is a relatively great latent racism that is not talked about at all," Topolanek said.

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