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October 22, 2021



Commentary: Schizophrenic "Barbie" running for ultra-right party claims to be shocked by backlash against her support for Romani arson victim

18.9.2016 8:20
Dominika Myslivcová (PHOTO:  Repro
Dominika Myslivcová (PHOTO: Repro

The Czech celebrity Dominika Myslivcová is "Barbie". At least, that's the nickname given to her by the readers of Czech tabloids.

"Barbie" is living up to her name with a colorful past and present that is full of contradictions. She has participated in the HateFree campaign, which the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has launched to combat anti-minority hatred, homophobia and xenophobia.

She has also recorded a song and video against refugees called "We Don't Want Change Here". Lastly, she is running as a candidate for the xenophobic Dawn / Bloc against Islam group, which has been strongly anti-Romani ever since the days when Tomio Okamura was its leader.

"Barbie's" own campaign slogan right now is "I want a rosy future, not a black one". She has garnered a lot of praise for her verbal assaults on refugees.

People have written to her saying they are glad somebody is going to be in politics who is "fighting for our nation". Her response has been:  "I greatly appreciate the support I am receiving and that is why many of my fans have called on me to get into politics. I was glad to accept the offer of the war veteran who lost his leg fighting the Islamists and is now leading a party in Parliament. Our country must be protected and a rosy future guaranteed for all of us, because otherwise it's just a question of time before we are attacked."

Now Myslivcová has launched a campaign in support of little Natálie, the Romani child who almost burned to death during an attempt to murder her entire family by means of arson on 18 April 2009. At the time Natálie was not yet two years old.

Neo-Nazis attacked the family in Vítkov with Molotov cocktails and got 20 years or more for it from the courts. Myslivcová is now reaping both abuse and praise for expressing support for the Romani girl.

Just like "Barbie" herself, her supporters are schizophrenic. "Don't fuck around with politics," some are writing to her.

Others reproach her by asking "Is this why you are now running as a candidate for the Fascists? That really makes sense."

Nothing about any of this is clear. Some of "Barbie's" Facebook friends can't tell if her support for Natálie is just a way to expand her campaign, or if she simply has a good heart.

Some of them are taking the opportunity to repeat lies and racist abuse about Natálie's family. Others are praising "Barbie" and expressing support for her - here's a sample of their comments: 

"Domi, you're really great..."
"She's just campaigning. Nothing more."
"Pretty weird that she's come out with this by pure accident before the elections..."
"I love you Dominika."
"Do you need publicity?"
"You're really great, but don't fuck around with politics."
"I was going to vote for you, but you are no longer my candidate because of this photo." (Response to a photograph of Natálie sitting on Myslivcová's lap).
"If her father hadn't stolen so much gasoline it would be okay..."
" they should have attacked her father and not her, right?"   
"You have a split personality... you are supporting Konvička, who is disseminating hatred here, and now a post with Natálka?! You are desperately doing anything you
can to win votes... yuck!!!!! Your base of sympathizers can't be more than 13..."  

Myslivcová responds:  "I have never supported Konvička."
"Despite everything that little girl has lived through, she is beautiful. She's just a little princess. I wish her a lot of good luck in her life and mainly health."
"Hello, Ms Myslivcová. The story of Natálka is horrible and I condemn the behavior of the people who did that to her. Unfortunately, I am asking myself what the aim
was of your meeting her and then publishing this photograph with Natálka. When I realize you are running for office, then it occurs to me that you are using that
repulsive crime for your own PR. I just hope I'm mistaken... To use Natálka in political combat is immoral at the very least..."
"I'd contribute a Molotov cocktail."
"Your commentaries about this unfortunate little girl just testify to the fact that you are a bunch of racists through and through, the Czechs are the worst nation
that could ever exist."
"Is this why you are now running as a candidate for the Fascists? That really makes sense..."
"My hat is off to you, a beautiful woman can have her ❤ in the right place too. Respect."

"Four arsonists almost killed Natálka. If they weren't in prison right now it's quite possible they'd be running as her fellow candidates on the same list." 

Yes. Dominika Myslivcová really is Barbie…

Editor's Note:  Dominika Myslivcová published the photograph with Natálka on her Facebook profile on Friday, 16 September 2016 and then removed it on Saturday, 17 September with the following explanation:

"After an unreal avalanche of hatred, I have decided to take down the photo with Natálka and once again, what some of you have done has convinced me anew that there is an unreal amount of anger and hatred inside of people. Anybody capable of writing such things is just a hyena. I take it as just part of life that you would curse at me, but to spit curses at a little girl crosses the line! Irrespective of what kind of family she comes from and what her skin color is, she's just a little girl and her only crime is that she was born at all, is that it? No child should suffer for the sins of adults, whether they are black, white or yellow. For all the clever people out there, I actually don't need to do this for publicity. I have always had empathy for others and I have always aided children. My final message:  Think about the fact that everything we do ALWAYS comes back to each one of us eventually. PS:  Thank you to all who wrote by e-mail with aid for Natálka. I wish you all a beautiful Saturday ♥."

František Kostlán, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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