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August 19, 2022



Czech Republic: Anti-immigration protesters set EU flags on fire

19.7.2015 21:39

Yesterday right-wing extremists backing organizer Adam B. Bartoš marched on the Office of the Government in Prague after 19:00 chanting "Traitors!". The building was guarded by police and metal barricades as the radicals gave speeches.

Participants shouted "Nothing but the nation!" and set several European Union flags on fire. Police asked several people suspected of committing misdemeanors to show their identification.

Police spokesperson Tomáš Hulan told the Czech News Agency that while the EU flag is not a state symbol, the misdemeanor allegation concerns the possibility that to set the flag alight might have shocked someone, which could be an "offence against protection against fire". "We have identified the persons and will report them to the relevant administrative body," he said.

The following images are from earlier in the day on Wenceslas Square:

VIDEO:  Demonstrations for and against receiving refugees

PHOTO GALLERY - Demonstration in support of refugees and against xenophobia

PHOTO GALLERY - Demonstration against Islam and refugees

bau, mik, voj, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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