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February 19, 2019
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Jana Baudyšová

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Czech Republic: Realtor tells tenants they'd better not be on welfare

7.11.2018 9:03 The Czech Republic's biggest private provider of rental accommodations, the Residomo company (which until last February operated under the name RPG Byty_ has stopped extending the rental contracts for some of its tenants. In the Ostrava-Poruba neighborhood this particularly concerns buildings on Dělnická and Skautská streets.  full story

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Students in Slovak town object to protest seeking to exploit still-unclarified tragedy

1.11.2018 10:42 Members of the "People's Party Our Slovakia" (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko), a neo-Nazi party led by the ultra-nationalist Marian Kotleba, convened a recent protest in the town of Tisovec called "Tisovec against Roma". The pretext for the protest is the alleged killing of a disabled pensioner by three Romani youths, two of whom are minors.  full story

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Romani girl attempts suicide after bullying at her primary school in Czech town

30.10.2018 19:40 A pupil in the eighth grade of the Slovanka Primary School in the town of Česká Lípa has attempted suicide because her fellow pupils bullied her. It is likely that they picked on her because of her Romani origin.  full story

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Czech politicians respond to President's antigypsyism: He divides us so we won't unite against him

10.10.2018 8:10 Some other Czech politicians have begun to respond to Czech President Miloš Zeman's remarks about Romani people avoiding work - remarks which prompted
Romani people all over Europe to post photographs of themselves at work to Facebook. "When my son Nick was born, my Romani friends came to visit all the
way from Ostrava to give him a medallion of the Madonna. They call me frequently to see whether I might have a job or work for them, to ask how I am, to
tell me how they are. They're business people. Miloš, what the hell have you ever done for them and who gave you the right to insult them like this? former
Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek (Civic Democratic Party - ODS) tweeted.
 full story

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Czech local election billboards referencing "riff-raff" reported to police

3.10.2018 8:04 The "Most Residents for Most" (Mostečané Mostu) association will be reported to police because of their campaign slogan "We Will Build a Village for the Riff-Raff", which has been used on their billboards and posters. Monika Mihaličková of the ROMEA organization has initiated the accusation.  full story

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Czech civil society groups, Romani ones included, protest students inviting ultra-right candidate to debates ahead of elections

26.9.2018 20:08 The Ústecký Parliament of Children and Youth (ÚPDM) is holding an event today entitled "Political Debate with Representatives of All Parties Running Locally" as part of a project called "Young People Vote". Tomáš Vandas, the candidate invited to represent the "Clean Ústí" movement, is also the co-founder of the ultra-right Workers' Party (DS), which was dissolved by the Supreme Administrative Court in 2010, and is still chair of its successor party, the current Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS).  full story

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Russian social network blocks "Miss Hitler" beauty contest after Israeli media contact

22.9.2018 9:56 The news server reports that Russia's online social network Vkontakte (VK), which is similar to the US-based social network Facebook, has blocked a page dedicated to Adolf Hitler that was hosting an online beauty competition called "Miss Hitler". Hundreds of people voted online in the contest and, according to the Hadashot television station in Israel, it was participated in by contestants from Germany, Italy, Russia and the  full story

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Slovakia now has an MP from the Romani minority, Štefan Vavrek

19.9.2018 9:14 Wire services report that Slovakia's unicameral legislature has just seated a new MP. After MP Edita Pfundtnerová (Most-Híd) relinquished her seat in order to become a state secretary at the Justice Ministry, Romani community member Štefan Vavrek has now replaced her.  full story

Czech Police charge right-wing extremists who assaulted citizens of India

6.9.2018 7:40 The Czech Police have charged three men from the group of right-wing extremists who assaulted a group of Indian citizens in the town of Písek at the end of July. If convicted they face between one and five years in prison.  full story

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Roma Holocaust Memorial Day marks the Nazi murder of Roma and Sinti at Auschwitz on 2-3 August 1944

2.8.2018 9:27 On 2 and 3 August 1944 the Nazis murdered 2 898 Roma and Sinti in the gas chambers of the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Roma and Sinti all over Europe, therefore, commemorate 2 August as Roma Holocaust Memorial Day.  full story

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Now that evictees are housed, Czech local government attacks NGOs and the poor

25.7.2018 12:20 The last remaining evictees from two closed residential hotels have finally moved out of the gym at a school in the excluded locality of Předlice and into rental housing. After their previous contracts were not extended, 25 tenants evicted from the Modrá residential hotel in the Střekov quarter of Ústí nad Labem ended up living in the gym temporarily at the beginning of July.
 full story

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Czech landlord pressured to leave Civic Democratic Party for trafficking in poverty, he denies the accusation

25.7.2018 5:59 Martin Kuba, the chair of the South Bohemian regional association of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), has met with his party colleague, Jan Zedník, seeking an explanation of Zedník's business enterprises leasing apartment units in socially excluded localities. News server reports that Kuba has proposed cancelling Zedník's party membership.  full story

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