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December 11, 2018
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Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Martina Štěpánková in an interview for ROMEA TV.
Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Martina Štěpánková in an interview for ROMEA TV.

Czech Republic: 88 cities in 12 regions plan to ban housing benefits in specific zones

7.11.2018 11:31 The Institute for Social Inclusion (IPSI) reports that a total of 88 cities and municipalities in 12 regions are planning to announce or have already announced zones with increased incidences of undesirable phenomena where new applicants for housing benefits will not be allowed to receive them for residence at those addresses. The only regions where local authorities have not taken this step are the Pardubice and South Moravian Regions.
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New York Times: Social network operators do not know how to intervene against disinformation and hatred

2.11.2018 14:24 The New York Times reports that when the Instagram social networking site was established, it was meant to be a page for people to share photos of their children being cute, their meals or their pets, but according to many experts during the past year it has rather become a hotbed of hateful posts that aim to spark division. It is becoming more and more obvious that the big digital companies have never properly grasped the negative dimension of the enormous reach of their platforms or how to cope with it.  full story

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USA: Shooter at synagogue in Pittsburgh remanded into custody without bail

30.10.2018 19:06 A court in the United States has sent Robert Bowers, the man accused of shooting 11 Jewish people to death on Saturday, 27 October at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, into custody without the possibility of posting bail after formally charging him. He will appear in court on Thursday, when evidence will be submitted in the case.  full story

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Czech educational attainment influenced by social origins, according to experts

30.10.2018 9:54 Chances for children in the Czech Republic to access education are significantly influenced by the economic and social positions of their parents. One negative influence on socially disadvantaged children in the country is, for example, the requirement to pass entrance examinations to secondary schools.  full story

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videoVIDEO: Museum of Romani Culture Award given to Romani activist David Tišer

30.10.2018 8:30 The 10th annual Prize of the Museum of Romani Culture has been given by the Czech Public Defender of Rights, Anna Šabatová and museum director Jana Horváthová to the Romani activist David Tišer. The 34-year-old graduated in Romani Studies from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University and for more than 10 years has been dedicated to educating social workers, students and teachers, most frequently on the subject of Romani people's sociocultural specificities and on how to break down prejudices and stereotypes  full story

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USA: Neo-Nazi leader recently arrested upon returning from Mexico

30.10.2018 7:53 Robert Rundo, the leader of a group of radical adherents to the ideology of white supremacy called the "Rise Above Movement" (RAM), was arrested on 21 October at Los Angeles International airport and charged with inciting unrest. Charges have also been brought against three other alleged RAM members, two of whom, Robert Boman (25) and Tyler Laube (22), were detained on 24 October.  full story

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Czech Constitutional Court president: Ethnic and national self-centeredness and xenophobia are a threat to Europe

28.10.2018 19:39 Pavel Rychetský, the president of the Czech Constitutional Court, believes that ethnic and national self-centeredness and xenophobia are a threat to Europe
today. He made his remarks on 24 October during a speech on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia in the reconstructed chambers of the
Constitutional Court, which is also marking 25 years of activity.  full story

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