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January 24, 2017
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The Prima television station in the Czech Republic is defending itself against criticism of its manipulative reporting on Christian refugees from Iraq. (PHOTO:  TV Prima)
The Prima television station in the Czech Republic is defending itself against criticism of its manipulative reporting on Christian refugees from Iraq. (PHOTO: TV Prima)

Czech broadcast regulator: Prima TV's coverage of Iraqi refugees (and itself) broke the law

16.1.2017 9:35 Last year TV Prima broke the law through its news broadcasting about the integration of refugees from Iraq into the Czech Republic, according to the Council on Radio and Television Broadcasting (Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání - RRTV). A total of four news reports broadcast in its main news program, "FTV Prima News", were found to have manipulated viewers and to have not been objective.  full story

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Czech Republic: Number of Romani pupils educated according to reduced standards is practically unchanged

6.1.2017 12:41 The number of Romani children educated according to reduced standards remains practically unchanged this school year compared to last, according to a report about the "qualified estimates" of the number of Romani children in the primary schools published yesterday by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. "In the primary schools, according to current estimates, 85.4 % of Romani pupils are being educated within the framework of the mainstream standards, 12.8 % of Romani pupils are being educated in programs designed for pupils with 'mild mental disability', and the remaining 1.8 % of Romani pupils are being educated according to the Framework Education Program for Special Primary School, designed for a more profound degree of mental disability," says a press release from the ministry.  full story

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Poland: Attempted robbery results in death, racist unrest

3.1.2017 7:14 Polish Police have chargd a 26-year-old Tunisian man with murder after the stabbing death of a 21-year-old Polish man on New Year's Eve sparked racial unrest in the town of Elk in the northeast of the country. Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza reported yesterday that police arrested 28 people who were involved in the unrest on Sunday.  full story

Czech Center against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats will refute disinformation online

3.1.2017 6:39 On 1 January the Center against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats (Centrum proti terorismu a hybridním hrozbám) was created at the Czech Interior Ministry and will be involved in, among other things, combating domestic and foreign disinformation and propaganda, especially online. Czech President Miloš Zeman said at the close of his 2016 Christmas message that he was concerned the Center would censor the Internet.  full story

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Czech Human Rights Minister to focus on buying pig farm on Romani Holocaust site and employment of ghetto residents in 2017

2.1.2017 9:54 Czech Human Rights Minister Jan Chvojka (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) has said that he would like to focus on addressing the situation of people living in ghettos by increasing their employment rates and their options for resolving their indebtedness during 2017. By the time the elections take place this autumn he expects to have addressed the law on social enterprises and to have completed negotiations about buying the pig farm in Lety by Písek that stands on the site of a former concentration camp for Romani people.
 full story

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videoSlovak President addresses anti-Romani sentiment in New Year's Day speech

2.1.2017 9:28 Not all Romani people are parasites and not all Muslims are potential terrorists, Slovak President Andrej Kiska pointed out in his New Year's address yesterday. Kiska highlighted that people are now willing to tolerate the hatred, nonsense and vulgarities spreading on the Internet and online social networks.  full story

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Czech artist writes a guide to the Brno "Bronx", says Romani people "uninterested" in education

27.12.2016 22:18 The Brno-based artist Kateřina Šedá and a team of collaborators have put together a "guide" to Brno's so-called "Bronx" neighborhood and she has given an interview to news server in which she criticizes the life of Romani residents there. The artist is quoted as saying in the interview that local Romani people are not interested in education and that their children's aim in life is to draw unemployment benefit because that is what they see adults doing in their families.  full story

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Czech President attacks some welfare recipients, rejects immigrants, says Interior Ministry is "censoring" the Internet

27.12.2016 19:51 Czech President Miloš Zeman has sent his traditional Christmas message from the presidential residence in Lány, expressing appreciation for the good state of the economy being reflected in Czechs' standard of living and criticizing low levels of public investment, alleging that subsidies for renewable energy and some welfare benefits are a drag on the economy. Zeman also rejected the Czech Republic voluntarily accepting immigrants, whom he believes could spawn terrorist attacks.  full story

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Czech court sentences Romani man to prison for racist abuse while mourning a relative's death

22.12.2016 4:34 The District Court in Louny has sentenced 41-year-old Miroslav Fedák to eight months in prison for defamation of a nation and race. During a commemoration of the young Romani man who died in a pizzeria in October, Fedák shouted racist, vulgar abuse.  full story

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HOAX: Video from Prague spreads through Facebook alleging "Islamic refugees" were caught trying to rape a girl

20.12.2016 23:57 On 14 December the administrators of a Canadian website called "Never Again Canada" posted video footage to their Facebook profile that originally came from the Czech Republic and has been viewed 900 000 times, shared 14 000 times, and received 5 000 reactions as of 20 December. The footage shows an argument about methamphetamine followed by an assault on a young woman in Prague.  full story

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Czech Republic marks five years since the death of President Václav Havel

19.12.2016 0:53 Several events taking place around the Czech Republic today commemorated the death of Czech President Václav Havel five years ago. In Prague there will be readings from his plays, a requiem mass at St. Vitus Cathedral, and an evening march to Prague Castle.  full story

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Facebook wants to combat online hoaxes through expert fact-checking

16.12.2016 21:50 The Facebook social networking site is designing many instruments for preventing the dissemination of fake news or hoaxes, according to company vice-president John Hegeman, who announced the decision in New York. Facebook users will have the option of flagging untrue news items more easily than they do now, and facts that are called into question will then be verified by teams of experts including the ABC News television station in the USA and the Associated Press wire service.  full story

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2016 Roma Spirit Awards in the Czech Republic: Ctibor Nečas, R-Mosty, Evangelical Academy, Richard Samko and Olga Fečová

15.12.2016 19:21 The 2016 Roma Spirit Awards for aid to the Romani minority and efforts at good coexistence were won this year by the R-Mosty company, the Evangelical Academy, and Czech Television journalist Richard Samko. The award for cultural contribution went to teaching assistant Olga Fečová, while the scholar Ctibor Nečas won in the Individual category.  full story

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Macedonia: The Queen of Romani Music, Esma Redžepova, has passed away

15.12.2016 2:14 Esma Redžepova, who was acknowledged worldwide as the Queen of Romani Music, passed away on the morning of 11 December in Skopje, Macedonia at the age of 73. The hospital where the singer was being treated announced her death.  full story

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Facebook renews original page for "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" with 160 000 fans

13.12.2016 14:43 Last Thursday, Facebook once again blocked the hate page of the group "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" (Islám v ČR nechceme - IvČRN) which had more than 70 000 fans and had been used to send death threats to a young woman who wanted to aid Afghans. On Friday Facebook then renewed the original page of the IvČRN, which was blocked in January.  full story

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Czech Islamophobes have a problem: Konvička has quit yet another political party and Facebook has closed their hate page

13.12.2016 12:41 The Islamophobe Martin Konvička has left the political party "Alternative for the Czech Republic" (Alternativa pro Českou republiku) after unsuccessfully running as its candidate in the October Senate elections in the Tábor area. On Facebook he has posted that he stopped believing in the party's project.  full story

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videoCzech documentary shows illegal Nazi salute being given at concert by xenophobic Ortel band

5.12.2016 8:36 Last night as part of its "168 Hours" program, Czech Television broadcast footage from a concert by the Ortel band in the Czech town of Frýdek-Místek during which some fans give the Nazi salute and shout the Nazi greeting "Sieg heil". The footage was captured by documentary filmmaker Vít Klusák.  full story

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Czech actor Roman Zach supports Romani celebrity's stance against neo-Nazi band on live tv broadcast

5.12.2016 6:29 More performers in the Czech Republic have been publicly expressing their support for the Romani singer Radek Banga. During the popular music competition "Český slavík" (Czech Nightingale), Banga took a stand against the xenophobic band Ortel when it won second place for a second year in a row.  full story

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Canada: Czechoslovak Roma express support for Romani celebrity and condemn Czech support for xenophobic band

3.12.2016 11:47 The Association of Czechoslovak Roma in Canada says it is not possbile for a xenophobic band to be part of Czech show business and receive public support from Czech celebrities. Romani emigrés living Canada have taken a stand in favor of the singer Radek Banga, who left in protest during the "Czech Nightingale" awards ceremony together with several other performers after the xenophobic music group Ortel won awards.  full story

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Czech Gov't Council on Romani Affairs calls on public figures to speak out against hate and xenophobia

2.12.2016 7:29 The civil society members of the Czech Government Council on Romani Affairs have called on public figures to take a clear stand against the xenophobic music group Ortel, which is spreading hatred and has received an award as part of a popular music survey. "The prizewinning band has a clear connection to the extreme right and espouses ideas that are incompatible with the basic legal documents of the Czech Republic by supporting hatred against various groups of people. It is not possible to express support of any kind for such performers," reads their declaration, which news server publishes here in full translation:  full story

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