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November 16, 2018
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Czech Republic: Family of Romani man shot dead in Chomutov doesn't want demonstrations

3.6.2017 9:23
In Chomutov on 27 May 2017 in the early morning hours a 34-year-old Romani man was shot dead, and an improvised remembrance site was created to mark his passing. (PHOTO:   Renata Kováčová,
In Chomutov on 27 May 2017 in the early morning hours a 34-year-old Romani man was shot dead, and an improvised remembrance site was created to mark his passing. (PHOTO: Renata Kováčová,

The editors at news server have received an open letter addressed to the media from the relatives of the 34-year-old Romani man who was shot dead one week ago in Chomutov and are publishing it in full at the request of the family. The tragic event happened there on Jirkovská Street.

At the time he was shot, the man was involved in an argument with another Romani community member. A non-Romani man came out of the apartment building in front of which the argument was underway and began to shoot at the Romani men because he was bothered by the noise.

A court has since accepted the motion of the Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem and decided to remand the suspect into custody. He is charged with murder.

Open letter from the bereaved family to the media and the public

On Saturday, 27 May, our beloved son, brother, partner and friend died after being shot in Chomutov, and speaking as his loved ones and relatives, we are experiencing enormous sorrow at this moment. We therefore ask the public to respect our privacy.

We would like to ask journalists not to contact us and to leave us in peace. Currently an intensive criminal investigation is underway.

We want to believe the police are doing their jobs as best they can and that this case will soon be solved. We are therefore asking for your consideration and patience.

The broad range of speculation that is currently being disseminated about this case is not aiding the criminal investigation and is just causing us further pain. We would also like to say that we disagree with the holding of demonstrations or any other events that might be convened in response to last Saturday's incident.

Any such events will not be held in our name. We call on the organizers of such events to demonstrate respect for the deceased and to abandon their intention of rallying in public.

We also want to ask the media and the public not to connect our family with any such initiatives. We are of the opinion that any assemblies, demonstrations or marches would just unnecessarily exacerbate the situation at this moment and upset those who are mourning the deceased.

We ask that you all be considerate on the day of the funeral. We would like to say a calm farewell to our beloved in the presence of his family and most intimate friends only.

adg, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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