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July 15, 2020
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Czech Republic: White supremacist group launches "Anti-Multikulti Watch"

5.8.2016 12:13
The Czech-language neo-Nazi website White Media. (PHOTO:
The Czech-language neo-Nazi website White Media. (PHOTO:

In the era of online social networking it is easier than ever before to automatically collect and store data and to analyze the opinions, political convictions and values of large numbers of people simultaneously. Frequently this concerns numbers of people exponentially larger than those on the list of persons called the "Anti-Multikulti Watch" that is part of the racist website of the Czech-language White Media organization, an extremist website run anonymously from servers located outside the Czech Republic.

The website features a list of four different categories including the names and personal information of public figures whose opinions contradict the convictions of the White Media administrators. The core of the matter, roughly speaking, is White Media's message that Czech society must be purged of migrants and other "undesirable elements", primarily those who are the traditional victims of discrimination in Czech society, i.e., LGBT persons, Romani persons, etc.

For the authors of this list, their activity risks (among other things) the Czech authorities causing them problems for violating the ban on the unauthorized publication of personal information. White Media repeatedly also calls on its sympathizers to download the "Anti-Multikulti Watch" list to other websites just in case the tribe's main website is blocked in future.

This indicates a need to keep this symbolically threatening list constantly "in view", rather than an effort to create an actual, extensive database of "enemies". Both from a legal perspective and technically, it would be far safer to simply store the list of names on the so-called "deep web" and make it accessible only to specifically chosen users.

It would be very difficult for the authorites to see such data, collected with the aid of algorithms. More information can be found in the June issue of the monthly Romano voďi (in Czech only), which you can order at

Pavel Sterec, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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