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Grand opening of "slow fashion" shop in Prague will be broadcast live online by ROMEA 25 October

20.10.2018 8:25
The grand opening of the
The grand opening of the "slow fashion" outlet in Prague, F.Designers: Store & Atelier, will be broadcast live by ROMEA on 25 October 2018.

Not far from the Old Town Square in Prague, at the address Týnská ulička 10, the "F.Designers: Store and Atelier" shop has been newly offering accessories and clothing from Czech and Slovak designers since 11 October. Pavel Berky, a Romani community member whose designs recently won a fashion competition in the USA, holds a place of honor among the collections permanently available there.

In addition to offering "slow fashion" designs, the shop includes a studio where customers can order bespoke clothing or have selected pieces from the collection altered. "We are also offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces for hardcore fashion lovers," says Slovak designer and owner Jana Ješková, also known as Jenny Jeshko.

Others being shown alongside Berky are the designer Denisa Dovalová, the tailor Roman Humlíček with his bespoke jeans, Rebeka Mohartová with her felt baseball caps and others. The shop also offers the luxury jewelry line Thereska, the wire jewelry designs of Tamara Kostovská, the metal bow ties of Robert and Ivana Ondráček, and various handmade purses by KIDE.

Speaking about his involvement with the newly-opened shop, Berky says: "This is a natural way for me to be in contact with the people for whom I create my designs. I enjoy listening to the stories that are very often behind these purchases - recently, for example, a lady bought a unique coat and hat from me and touchingly told me that she remembered something like it from her childhood and had never been able to find one like it anywhere else in the world and had been looking for it her whole life."

"Slow fashion" designs are a response to so-called "fast fashion", which produces trendy clothing at the lowest cost irrespective of the environmental and social impacts of the production for chains such as H&M, Top Shop, Zara, etc., and the slow fashion movement emphasizes craft, quality, and tradition with respect for the ecosystem and human rights. Followers of ROMEA's Facebook profile can watch the grand opening of Jeshko's shop on 25 October.

th, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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