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August 14, 2022



Romani Lives Matter. Czech town sees candles and flowers placed at the site of the tragic death of a Romani man after police intervention involving kneeling on his neck

22.6.2021 5:08
"Romani Lives Matter" remembrance site, 21 June 2021, Teplice, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: František Bikár)

Teplice, Czech Republic, now has an improvised remembrance site where "Romani Lives Matter" ("Na romských životech záleží") has been inscribed on one of the ribbons around a floral offering placed there. A Romani man passed away at that spot on Saturday, 19 June after police intervened against him, kneeling on his neck as part of their arrest tactics. 

Police say the preliminary results of a court-ordered autopsy show the man died as a consequence of a drug overdose. Many members of the Romani community, however, are comparing the case to the murder of the Black man George Floyd, and those who can have been lighting candles and bringing flowers to the scene of the tragedy. 


brf, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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