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June 27, 2022



VIDEO: Commemorative ceremony at the former Lety concentration camp attended by 200 people

13.5.2019 8:08

Yesterday about 200 people traveled to Lety u Písku, Czech Republic, to the site where, during the Second World War, a concentration camp for Romani people was located, in order to honor the Holocaust victims of Romani origin who suffered and died there. On this occasion, the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust, chaired by Čeněk Růžička, presented its Award for Humanity in memoriam to the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Alfred Bader, who established the Bader Philanthropies foundation.

Yechiel Bar-Chaim accepted the award on behalf of the foundation. "We have given this award to Alfred Bader in memoriam. He established a foundation supporting projects in different states endeavoring to improve co-existence between majority societies and Romani people," Růžička told news server

ROMEA TV broadcast the entire ceremony live. The Ambassador of the United States of America and other dignitaries attended.

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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