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September 29, 2022



Fifth Roma Film Festival Golden Wheel

Skopje, 31.1.2007 12:46, (TV BTR National)

It’s my great honor to invite you at the Fifth Roma Film Festival “Golden Wheel” which will be held from 6th till 8th of April, 2007 in Skopje, the capital of Republic of Macedonia.

This is traditional festival that we have been organizing since 2002. The festival is dedicated to the production about the Roma population worldwide. All video production (documentaries, TV films and feature movies) as well as all radio programs dealing with Roma issue, produced by Roma or non-Roma producers are eligible for applying.

The organizer of the Golden Wheel festival, TV BTR National, during the festival days, beside the presentation of the programs, will organize workshops for the participants at the festival. During the workshops the participants will be able to discus and criticize the presented programs at the festival, to exchange experiences, to comment the general accomplishments in the cinematography, the situation of the Roma production and Roma TV and radio stations, any possible cooperation between the producers etc.

The festival aims to encourage the Roma producers to enhance up their production, develop it further and to take more active role in the spheres of the cinematography on world level. Also, the organizer of the Golden Wheel festival, TV BTR National, plans to organize small working conference during the Festival, which will contribute to establishing of Association of Roma Program Producing Houses, working on reunion of different Roma Productions.

Attachment. Your participation would be very useful for your self-presentation, active role on the Run Table, but also for all of us, because we can reunion to this new idea. Namely, we intend to strengthen Roma Network, find out methods and systems of sustenance, through experience and materials exchange, so in that way reaching a higher level of Roma media quality.

The organizer of the Golden Wheel festival, TV BTR National, expects the participation of many important Roma and Non-Roma producers. Also, we would like to inform you that we are waiting feed-back information from our donors concerning their financial support and participation at the conference.

Zoran Dimov, Director General
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