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August 18, 2019
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Attack on the representative of the Democratic Association of Roma

Beograd, 7.2.2007 16:53, (Roma virtual network )

Mr. Jordan Vasić, president of the Democratic Association of Roma was brutally physically and verbally attacked last night.

The incident has started as a car accident at the corner of two Belgrade streets Mokroluska and Crikvenicka, where a drunken driver was driving with no car lights and hit the Vasics car. The traffick police was called and came in short time, the register number of police car was M 53-89. The drunk driver called his so called friends, who came by car with Italian register number and with no reason started to verbally insult and then physically attack Mr. Vasic and his companions in the car. They were severy injured by hands, legs, jack and knife.

It is shocking that the whole accident was infront of two policemen who did not reacted when the bullies swore Gypsy mother and other insulting words in an extremely rasistic manner, and the police was even assisting to the attack to Roma.

When Mr. Vasic reminded that police should protect citizens they told him that Roma people raised their voice and that they are overreacting with discrimination charge and if they needed help to call Mrs. Natasa Kandic.

Apart that Mr.Jordan Vasic and his companions were bitten and verbally rasistically terorised, as well Mr. Zoran Vasic the president of Roma Association Oasis and his spouse who came to the accident place were bitten.

Democratic Association of Roma will inform into details tomorrow at the Press conference in Media centre on Thursady 08.02.2007. at 13,00 pm.

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