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July 4, 2020
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Call for EU strategy on migration of Roma

Bucharest, 24.8.2010 11:31, (Irish Times)

ROMANIA HAS called for a European Union-wide strategy to deal with Roma migration, after raising concerns about France’s plan to dismantle hundreds of Roma camps and send their residents back to the Balkans.

France has deported some 200 Roma to Romania and is expected to expel about 650 more this month under a scheme championed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has linked crime with immigration and declared a “war” on delinquency.

The plan is part of a broad crackdown on crime by Mr Sarkozy that critics call a cynical bid to boost his flagging popularity. They also say the deportations are pointless, predicting that most of those ejected will quickly return to France.

“What has happened in Paris shows that we must have an integration plan across Europe for Roma citizens,” said Romanian president Traian Basescu.

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