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Spain, 10.4.2007 11:10, (Roma Network)

On this International Day of the gypsy People, the Socialists we congratulate all the gypsies and join all the commemorative acts of the mentioned celebration.
The gypsy People, whose contribution is undoubted to the cultural values of the Spain in we live, it has fought historically for the attainment of the equality and in opposition to the discrimination.

The Socialists we share these values because every society, to be really just, must aspire to obtain the equality of the citizens and of the peoples.
In this respect, our commitment with the gypsy People is being fulfilled on there having started the different electoral promises with which we meet to the elections, which received the majority support of the citizens.

There has is started in the present legislature the State Council of the gypsy People as organ of representation of the associative Spanish movement, which already has given important steps creating different commissions of work that recently have been constituted. We plead for stimulating and to extend the work that must develop this organism and the competitions that as organ of participation of the gypsy people it has or should have in the future.

Equally, there is started a new Plan of Gypsy Development, which budgetary endowment is accommodated to the new challenges that we must realize between all the public institutions and the civil society, and that compromises the Government of the Nation across the development of political in the area of the health, in the access to the labour world, in the education, in the housing, in the struggle against the discrimination etc …

Last March 9, the Ministers' Council has approved the creation of the Institute of Gypsy Culture as a foundation of the public state sector that will act under the protection of the protectorate of foundations of the Department of culture and which purpose will be to develop and to promote the history, the culture and the gypsy language in all his manifestations, as well as to spread his knowledge.

The gypsies must be protagonists of his own future, a future that between all we must obtain, favoring the good one of cooperation between all the organizations, a Jekhipe (unit) that makes possible an implication of the citizenship and of all the institutions to eliminate the intolerable levels of discrimination that the gypsy people suffers, according to all the studies. This work only is possible in the frame of a diverse and solidary Spain where the cultural diversity is not seen as problem, such and since from conservative positions it is a question of meaning, but as a description of the reality of our country, a brilliant and hopeful reality. It is the cultural uniformity the one that has provoked too many misunderstandings between Spanish people.

The Party of Labour Spanish Socialist (PSOE) is firmly compromised by the struggle by the most disadvantaged, and for it it is together with the Gypsy People and on this international day it renews his commitment to continue advancing, together with them, for a Spain that also is gypsy.

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