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August 9, 2022



EXPO: Mass murderer from Norway was member of Nazi web forum

Oslo/Stockholm, 25.7.2011 0:52, (ROMEA)
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Anders Breivik, the man who was arrested after Friday's massacre in Norway and now has 92 human lives on his conscience, is a member of the Swedish Nazi web forum Nordisk (Nordic). Some members of that forum regularly call for political terrorism and bomb attacks on government buildings. The Swedish EXPO organization, which follows neo-Nazi activities, reported on Breivik's connections today.

According to EXPO, Breivik joined the Nordisk forum - which has more than 22 000 members, most of them from Scandanavia - in 2009 and was very active and radical there. Participants in the forum discuss everything from White Power music to the strategy for getting rid of democracy.

Nordisk was founded in 2007 and rapidly became a favorite forum for Swedish neo-Nazis. Highly positioned members of the Swedish Democratic Party, a nationalistic party holding 20 seats in the Swedish Parliament, are registered in the forum, as are members of the neo-Nazi movement (including, apparently, deranged psychopaths).

Members of the Nordisk forum are connected by their hatred for immigrants and a multicultural Europe and discuss, for example, the Turner Diaries, which is a "practical terrorist manual". The American Federal Bureau of Investigation has labeled this book "the terrorist Bible". It served as a direct inspiration for the terrorist attack in Oklahoma in 1995, when 168 people perished.

Some members of the Nordisk forum openly call for violence. In March 2010, for example, according to the EXPO organization, and anonymous user wrote the following on the forum: "Cars parked next to large buildings with fertilizer + diesel give a nice blast. Skyscrapers go down like the World Trade Centre towers. I haven't said anything about killing. You'll hope the buildings are empty, and if not so, too bad...I don't understand why people don't realise that we have to wage war. The top politicians in government, who live in nice areas a long away from the immigrant threat, have decided that wogs can come here and live on our soil. In our society. Take advantage of what our forefathers have built up for us. In my world, nothing you do to these monsters is immoral."

Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang reports that Breivik has posted at least 75 Islamophobic and racist commentaries on Facebook. In commentaries posted in 2009-2010 responding to articles by others on the web page, which identifies itself as critical of Islam, Breivik criticized European politicians for their efforts to accept the cultures of various ethnic groups.

"When will multiculturalism stop being an ideology designed to disintegrate European culture, identity, nation states and traditions?" Breivik wrote in an entry posted on 2 February 2010. In another commentary dated 16 February of this year, he states: "According to two studies, 13 % of young British Muslims between the ages of 15 - 25 support the ideology of Al Qaida."

Breivik also wrote that he is an adherent of the "Viennese school of thought", which oppises multiculturalism and the spread of Islam. He has also written that he admires Geert Wilders, the anti-Islamic, populist Dutch politician. On Saturday, Wilders issued the following statement with regard to Breivik's crime: "I despise everything he stands for and everything he has done."

Nina Hjerpset-Ostlie, a journalist who contributes to, told Reuters that she met Breivik at the end of 2009. She said he struck her as passionate about developing the website as a way to defend against what he perceived as a rising trend of multiculturalism. "The only thing we noticed about him was that he was an ordinary-looking man with some very ambitious, unrealistic ideas for promoting our website," she said, adding that Breivik was active on the site at the end of 2009, but lost interest during 2010.

Breivik was a member of the populist "Progress Party" (Fremmskrittspartiet) from 1999 - 2004 and a member of the party's youth organization during those same years. He managed local branches of the youth organization from 2002 - 2004.

Gwendolyn Albert, Zdeněk Ryšavý, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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