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August 15, 2020



First visit to Roms on Kosovo

Kosovo, 17.3.2008 13:24, (Roma Network)

After requests from great number of Roms from Kosovo, from many towns and settlements, Jovan Damjanovic, deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and vice-president of World Roma Parliament, with fellow workers and members of the Serbian Radical Party, Commissar for medias in World Roma Organization Dragoljub Ackovic and vice-president of Romany Federation Serbia Estref Ramadanovic, visited on 11th March Romany settlements in Kosovska Mitrovica, Gracanica, Caglavica and Preoci.

This is, otherwise, first visit of Romany leaders from Serbia to its Romany nationals on Kosovo, from the moment when this province proclaimed itself into so-called Republic of Kosovo.

By addressing to Roms in all environments which they visited, deputy Damjanovic underlined that Serbia don’t acknowledge or ever will acknowledge self-proclaimed state of Kosovo, and that it will by all allowed means strive that Kosovo remain part of Serbia, which is right now. Populaces who live there will always be part of the great corps of Serbian and other nations who live and who will always live in areas of integral Serbia.

Damjanovic underlined that he will translate hard situation of Roms, Serbs and other non-Albanian people on Kosovo to institutions of state of Serbia, and that he will actual ask for greater support from Serbia for Roms and Serbs on Kosovo, because Kosovo can survive only as multi-national and multi-ethnical Kosovo. Because of that, state should with its specific programs and some long-term credits allow to Roms and other non-Albanian people better standard and safer survival.

Householders who welcomed this high Romany delegation were very satisfied with this visit. They stressed that this kind of visits has significance for further subsistence of Romany, Serbian and all other nations which lives in area of Kosovo and Metohija. They asked if this delegation could soon visit Roms in other locations on Kosovo and Metohija, which was accepted, and soon, this delegation will visit places on Kosovo and Metohija where Romany community live.

Jovan Damjanović, Dragoljub Acković
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