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October 24, 2021



German Police say no sexual attacks were committed en masse by refugees on New Year's Eve

20.2.2017 9:43
Police in Germany. (PHOTO:, Flickr)
Police in Germany. (PHOTO:, Flickr)

Online news server The Local reports that German Police have completed their investigation into accusations that a group of approximately 50 migrants allegedly committed rioting in a Frankfurt restaurant and sexually assaulted women there this New Year's Eve. Police say the supposed victims fabricated the entire incident.

The German national daily Bild published an article on 6 February in which a famous chef, Jan Mai, stated that a "group of Arabs" had bothered customers at his restaurant on New Year's Eve, allegedly stealing their coats and sexually assaulting women. A 27-year-old woman claimed victimization. 

"They touched me beneath my skirt, between my legs, on my breasts. Everywhere," the woman told the Frankfurt Police.

"Interviews with customers, employees and supposed eyewitnesses raised big doubts about whether these matters transpired as presented. One alleged victim was not even in Frankfurt when the assaults allegedly happened," news server Frankfurter Rundschau reports the police in Frankfurt as saying.

"Masses of refugees did not commit any sexual assaults in Fressgasse Street on New Year's. That accusation is absolutely not based on truth," the German Police said.

The Prosecutor-General is now investigating Mai and the 27-year-old woman for fabricating the accusations. Bild has since apologized, published the results of the investigation, and withdrawn its articles about the incident from circulation.

"We apologize for the work we did on this. I will soon announce what Bild will do about it," Julian Reichelt, Editor-in-Chief of Bild, tweeted on 14 February.

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