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September 29, 2022



Hungary: Olaszliszka residents appeal to minister over Roma violence

Budapest, 9.2.2008 20:23, (All Hungary News)

More than a hundred residents of the village of Olaszliszka have asked Justice Minister Albert Takács to intervene because of the increasing amount of growing abuse they suffer from the Roma inhabitants, reports right-leaning news channel The village is known countrywide for the brutal lynching of a motorist who accidentally struck a child that escaped with minor injuries.

Residents feel more and more threatened by the growing Gypsy community, and are calling on police to increase their presence and investigate a number of recent crimes. In addition to the lynching, the number of Roma attacks reported have increased in their frequency and brutality. An elderly widow was raped and murdered and a number of pensioners have also been robbed and beaten, often suffering broken legs and arms. An elderly couple did not dare to go back to live in the village after spending months in hospital due to a similar attack.

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