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February 18, 2020
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'No legal status' for Scotland's gypsies

UK, 17.3.2008 11:23, (The Scotsman )

SCOTTISH gypsy travellers are not a separate ethnic group under the Race Relations Act and therefore not entitled to make racial-discrimination claims, a tribunal has ruled. Kenneth MacLennan, of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, had complained of racial discrimination, alleging he was victimised by being dismissed for "taking a stance on behalf of gypsy travellers".

But employment judge Nicol Hosie rejected his complaint. In his written judgment he said: "While there may be a body of opinion that Scottish gypsy travellers should be treated as an ethnic group and should enjoy the protection of the 1976 act, there is no legislation, as yet, which affords them such protection. "Although under the 1976 act, (as amended in 2000) English Romany gypsies and Irish travellers are protected as ethnic groups, Scottish gypsy travellers are not protected in the same way.''

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