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May 28, 2020
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Rise in race complaints

UK, 26.7.2007 9:45, (Source:

HOPEFULLY a dramatic increase in the number of race-related complaints to the Equality Tribunal is a simple statistical consequence of an increased number of foreign nationals in our work places, combined with a growing awareness of their legal rights.

On the other hand, if the apparent surge in the number of unpleasant incidents in some workplaces reflects rising tensions, it is a cause for real concern and needs to be examined.

Complaints about race discrimination have more than doubled in the last six months. Almost half the claimants were successful and were awarded an average of more than €10,000. This suggests that many complaints were either spurious or were considered unworthy of compensation.

Any action that serves to heighten tension or resentment between nationalities is criminally destructive.

The vast majority of our 400,000 immigrants are here legally. They are here to work, to pay their taxes, to improve their own lives and contribute to the life of the country. They have a contract with Ireland and part of that contract states that they will observe the laws of the land.

The Roma Gypsies camped illegally on the M50. The Minister for Justice acted swiftly, firmly and correctly.

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