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August 21, 2014
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Roma expelled from Denmark

Denmark, 15.7.2010 23:11, (ROMA VIRTUAL NETWORK )

It's hard to sell a news without live pictures nowadays. Therefore newspaper Ekstra bladet presented its web users with a small video clip of a refrigerator with food leftovers inside. This not so exciting panning over shelves was attached to the story of the 23 Roma who were deported from Denmark with a two-year entry ban. Their only crime was to camp in a place where they could not camp. What sprang to the eye was the headline in the newspaper: 'Look how disgusting Gypsies are living in Amager”.

It can be fine for Extra Badet to provoke. That is probably what this newspaper is for. But it is not good to do it at the expense of Europe's most persecuted people – who are from Hungary to Italy beaten, excluded and deported. The myth of the dirty and criminal Gypsy has had terrible consequences in the history of Europe. Even Ekstra Bladet should be aware of this.

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Commemoration of the 1968 occupation of Czechoslovakia

Prague, 21.8.2014 18:28, (ROMEA)
Today's commemoration of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the armies of the Warsaw Pact, which took place at the instigation of the Soviet Union in August 1968, began at 10 AM in front of the National Museum in Prague. The event was held by the "Without Communists" (Bez komunistů) initiative, and was advertised as "More significant than ever given events in the east."
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Czech Interior Ministry plans amendment to law on assembly

Prague, 21.8.2014 15:38, (ROMEA)
The Czech Interior Ministry has elaborated an amendment to the law on the right to assemble on the basis of its experiences with demonstrations in recent years. The deadline for the draft amendment to be submitted to the Government is the end of October 2014 with a proposed date of effect of 1 July 2015.
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Czech con artist Kohout lies about support from famous figures

Prague, 20.8.2014 22:19, (ROMEA)
Lukáš Kohout, who says he is running for mayor of the Czech town of Varnsdorf, has perpetrated yet another trick. His website lists the names of famous figures from cultural and political life along with quotes that supposedly express their appreciation and support of him.
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