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October 23, 2019
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Roma people and skinheads take part in mass fight in Sofia

Sofia, 15.8.2007 11:46, (Focus News Agency)

Skin heads and Roma people launched a mass fight in Bulgaria's capital late on the evening of August 13 2007. The fight allegedly involved nearly 200 people, Focus news agency said.

According to Evroroma party head Tsvetelin Kunchev, the controversy erupted when 30 skin heads beat three Roma people in Sofia's Krasna Polyana residential complex.

The Roma people who were involved in the fight called out support and nearly 200 joined the fight. Police officers denied the information saying that less than 30 people participated in the fight.

The immediate police reaction prevented further conflict. Injured people were taken to hospital. One victim of Roma origin was taken to Sofia's emergency institute Pirogov. Police detained and later released four other men.

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