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October 25, 2021



Slovak police accuse seven Hungarians of fascism promotion

Nitra, 14.7.2008 16:10, (ROMEA)

The Slovak police have accused seven Hungarian citizens who shouted fascist salutes in Sturovo, southwest Slovakia, on Sunday, the police informed CTK today.

The people, allegedly supporters of extremist groupings, face six months to three years in prison if found guilty.

Besides the Hungarians, the police also detained three Slovak citizens who, however, were only accidental witnesses, the police said.

"The hearings of persons from Hungary as well as other pieces of evidence proved that all Hungarian citizens gave the Nazi salute and shouted Sieg Heil," police spokeswoman Renata Cuhakova said.

The detained wore clothing with extremist inscriptions and some were tattooed with fascist symbols.

Another extremist was accused in Zvolen, central Slovakia, on Saturday.

He just as the group from Sturovo will not probably be remanded in custody.

The number of Hungarian citizens accused in Slovakia of support and promotion of groups tending to suppress fundamental rights and freedoms has being increasing of late.

In end-June another nine Hungarians and nine Slovaks were accused of giving the Nazi salute in front of a flag with a swastika and a Hungarian flag in Komarno, south Slovakia. They also carried Nazi symbols.

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