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January 26, 2022



Survey reveals that 36 per cent of Romanians consider Roma a threat

Romania, 29.11.2010 12:40, (ROMEA)

A CCSB survey for the Association Pro Democratia has revealed that 68 per cent of Romanians consider that gypsies carry out the most crimes with the main cause being the lack of education and bad habits. The study showed that 36 per cent of the interviewees believe that gypsies will present, in the future, a threat to Romania, while 33 per cent think that gypsies present a direct threat to Romanians.

According to,the survey entitled “Stereotypes at the Address of The Gypsies” shows that 87 per cent of interviewees consider that people of Roma origin should live in Romania but 77 per cent think that they should live in the same locality with them.

The survey further revealed that 97 per cent of those interviewed thought that gypsy children should go to school, while half of them thought that gypsies should benefit from reserved places in high schools and universities.

The survey of 1500 people was made by phone between 18 and 25 of November 2010.

Nathalia Odwin,
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