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September 22, 2021



Tomáš Bystrý

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David Tišer (right) was a guest on the
David Tišer (right) was a guest on the "Interview with Tomáš Bystrý" program on ROMEA TV. (2021) (PHOTO: ROMEA TV)

Czech Republic: Proud Romani students in IT, medicine, and natural sciences

Prague, 10.10.2012 11:36, (Romano vod'i) The five Romani college students interviewed for this article are on their way to promising careers and dreaming of work that will amuse them and earn them a living in medicine, pharmacy, software, teaching and Romani studies. They are no longer interested in continually explaining to people why they managed to make it to college when other Romani people reportedly don't even send their children to school, live on the state's generosity, and steal metal for resale. They are tired of endlessly convincing others that not all Romani people are like those the public knows about from televised images. They just want to study in the field of their choice. They are living the college student life with all that entails, just like the other 400 000 young students in the Czech Republic - and they have no problem saying they are Romani.  full story

Czech Television journalist Richard Samko: Why I don't mention ethnicity in my reporting

Prague, 10.6.2012 19:26, (ROMEA) Richard Samko first came to the attention of the Czech public in 2001, when he and Nora Fridrichová filmed an investigative report on British immigration controls at Prague's Ruzyně airport at a time when large numbers of Romani people were leaving the Czech Republic and emigrating to Britain and Canada. Back then the Czech Foreign Minister went so far as to call him a liar. Now Richard Samko (age 33) is a member of Czech Television's inner circle of reporters contributing to the station's main news show, "Události". In addition, he also records 10-minute interviews for from time to time where he speaks with guests who are, as he himself says, "ordinarily out of the ordinary".  full story

The lives of Czech and Romani male prostitutes

Prague, 28.4.2012 23:02, (ROMEA) Some are college students, others are drug-addicted, others are abandoned boys without parents from the children's homes and juvenile "diagnostic centers". Some want nothing more from life than luxury and will do anything to get it, no matter how extreme. What do male prostitutes in the Czech Republic - be they Czech or Romani - have in common? Have they always been able to make their own choices in life?  full story

Youths yell Gypsies to the gas, Czech police say it’s not a crime

Prague, 11.7.2010 5:11, (ROMEA) “There has been enough racism” – that was the topic being discussed in mid-June 2009 by 30 Romani children from Přelouč, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Brno as part of a debate competition organized by the Debate Club Association of the Czech Republic at the Radost recreation center in Horní Jelení. The topic was to become especially significant for the young debaters. On Saturday 13 June 2009 at around 10 PM they were verbally attacked with racist insults from youths seated at a restaurant near the center. “The reality encountered by Romani children today and every day confirms the fact that the extreme right is prevalent in the Czech Republic. The debate competition was being held in a pleasant atmosphere until a bunch of drunken juvenile delinquents disturbed the peace by swearing at the children and the lecturers and vandalizing property immediately adjacent to the center where the children were staying,” says Jan Müller, vice-chair of the Darjav Association and one of the organizers of the debating club.  full story

Case of verbal assault on Romani children remains unsolved five months later

Prague, 3.11.2009 8:16, (ROMEA) In mid-June of this year, 30 Romani children were discussing the topic “There has been enough racism” as part of a debating competition organized by the Debate Club Association of the Czech Republic at the Radost recreation center in Horní Jelení. The topic was to become quite significant for the young Romani debaters. On Saturday, 13 June at around 10 PM they were verbally assaulted by several non-Romani youths hanging around the facility. Witnesses said the verbal assaults had a racist subtext. ROMEA reported on the case in the summer; we now return to it in view of recent events.  full story

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