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September 26, 2018
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Czech Republic: Romani-owned business distributes clothing, food and hygiene supplies to the needy in Teplice

1.3.2017 8:15
Employees of the Romani-owned business New Age Company in Teplice during a charity event they organized in February 2017. (PHOTO:  New Age Company)
Employees of the Romani-owned business New Age Company in Teplice during a charity event they organized in February 2017. (PHOTO: New Age Company)

On 21 February the Romani-owned New Age Company organized a "GOOD WILL" („DOBRÉ VŮLE“) event in Teplice, Czech Republic. Employees used their own resources to put together packages with clothing and hygiene supplies as well as refreshments and distributed them to homeless people and the socially vulnerable in the park near the train station.

Roughly 20 persons came to take advantage of the aid. "Together with our employees we offered the homeless people beverages, clothing, and grilled chicken. Each attendee got a little bag with bandages, basic hygiene supplies, canned goods, plasters, spreads and warm socks," company director Vladimír Michalčík told news server

"I believe aiding others is humane and this assistance is appropriate here. One should try to help others in need if one has the means and the opportunity. Most of our employees also come from socially excluded environments and we have given them a chance to extricate themselves from the vicious circle of poverty - I am very proud of that, it pleases me," Michalčík said when asked what led him to implement the charity event.

Employees of the company don't want to end their giving with this one-off event. "Certainly we want to continue with our charity projects, but we are also focusing on other groups. We will organize a similar event to benefit children as soon as possible," Michalčík told

New Age Company is involved in active telemarketing and market research. The company produces and sells Gitano Cosmetics and the Maguama Libido coffee beverage.

Renata Kováčová, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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