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July 6, 2022



DECEPTIVE HOAX: No, Amazon has not fired 400 workers in Czech Republic because of refugees from Ukraine

16.3.2022 16:05
It's a lie: Amazon has not fired 400 people in the Czech Republic so it can replace them with refugees from Ukraine. (Collage:
It's a lie: Amazon has not fired 400 people in the Czech Republic so it can replace them with refugees from Ukraine. (Collage:

Many untruths are circulating through social media in connection with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its repercussions. One such Czech-language hoax alleges that Amazon recently laid off 400 workers because it plans to hire refugees from Ukraine to fill the vacant positions. 

This explanation for the layoffs is false. Since Amazon employs many Romani people, they, too are sharing this fake news.

A man from Most, Czech Republic is among those spreading this untruth and his Facebook post with the allegations has already been shared more than 1 200 times. However, according to Amazon spokesperson Noah Zyla, these annually planned dismissals have nothing to do with Ukrainian refugees. 

Annually, before the Christmas peak season, Amazon recruits additional temporary workers. "Every year we offer seasonal work to employees who help us during peak season," Zyla explained to 

"We value this support very much and we clearly state in our communications that these are temporary positions. At the end of the peak season the contracts expire, but many of these temporary workers regularly return to us every year," Zyla said.

The Amazon spokesperson flatly rejected the idea of the company preferring certain kinds of employees in its hiring. "Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and offers an inclusive work environment for everybody, regardless of background, nationality, gender or ability," he told 

"It is extremely important to us that our employees feel safe and supported," said Zyla. "We are proud to offer 3 000 permanent jobs in the Czech Republic in a safe working environment with high pay."

"Amazon's continued investment is clear evidence of our commitment to people and communities in the Czech Republic," Zyla told Such allegations about redundancies happening because of the availability of refugees from Ukraine have been made about other companies as well.

These allegations always claim that somebody was fired somewhere because the employer allegedly accepted "cheap labor" from Ukraine. The news server has investigated several such claims and has yet to confirm any of them as true.

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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