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August 8, 2022



Russia claims to be "concerned" about the very neo-Nazis they support in the Czech Republic

9.7.2020 9:36
The "oeuvre" of the social media user "Arnošt Hibler" involves invective against Jewish people and those who are not white. His ideal of beauty - those who are the "children of God", in his view - are Slavs. They are also meant to be the "chosen" nation who will cut off America's head, as this graphic posted to his social media profile illustrates. (2020)

The Russian Federation claims to be concerned about Nazism being promoted in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. Russian diplomats said so in their responses to the recent debate about a calendar featuring the photographs of leading Nazis released by the "Our Troops" (Naše vojsko) publishing house in the Czech Republic, as well as other items.

The Kremlin's apparent discomposure over Czech extremism poses a paradox, though, as it is exactly Putin's Russia the Czech extremist scene frequently looks up to and is also supported by. We find many examples of this among the profiles on the social media platform (previously called Vkontakte).

One such example is that of "Arnošt Hibler" (not his real name) of Plzeň, who enjoys using the initials A.H. (like Adolf Hitler). Those visiting his profile are welcomed by the words: "Facebook is Jewish. Long live Vkontakte" (Juden Facebook. Vivat V kontaktě).

Beneath the flag of the Third Reich

"Hibler" really dislikes Facebook. He repeatedly complains that the social media platform blocks him - for example, when he graphically inserts a Nazi swastika into the English word "love".

He has also publicly bragged that he has finished working on his office and has "decorated" it with the flag of the Nazi Third Reich. When he gets a new chain with the Nazi swastika, or with Nazi military insignia, he shows it to his fans on the platform.

The West Bohemian resident also has a clear opinion about Jewish people and shares images with the caption "Juden raus" (Jews Out). One of his favorite images is a photograph of a bucket full of ashes.

That image is captioned: "I'm selling a Jew. Upon agreement, it also comes in a plastic, closed container. Cheap brand. Pick up in person and save!"

Another of this self-described "patriot's" deeds is the posting of an image capturing an online application for a company selling gas. In the "e-mail" column, the address "Adolf.Hitler@juden.raus" is filled in.

Anders Breivik Airport

"Hibler" is also a fan of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who murdered 77 people in 2011. He expresses his admiration for Breivik by saying that if he were ever to lose his mind, which he claims he would love to do, he would "surpass Breivik" and "young neo-Marxists" would then learn about him in primary school.

He also proposes renaming the international airport in Prague, Václav Havel Airport, the "Anders Breivik Airport". His "oeuvre" involves not just invective against Jewish people, but other groups, for example, people whose skin is not white.

His ideal of beauty - those who are the "children of God", in his view - are Slavs. They are also meant to be the "chosen" nation destined to "cut off America's head".

Russia, our homeland

"Hibler" is also a member of different pro-Kremlin groups espousing pan-Slavism, "Slavic nationalism", and resistance to the West. Groups dedicated to the Illuminati and chemtrails get his attention, as do fan clubs of Czech President Zeman (for whom "Hibler" claims to have voted although he believes Zeman is a Freemason), and Czech MEP Hynek Blaško, elected for the SPD (Freedom and Direct Democracy), an ultranationalist party.

This self-proclaimed "patriot" also says he could imagine either Blaško or Václav Klaus, Jr has the country's next president. According to his social media posts, he also admires Russia, Vladimir Putin, the Russian Army and its arsenal.

He has written the following post to Petr Michalů, a Czech citizen who traveled to Russia last year, requested asylum there, didn't get it, but then asked Putin for citizenship so he can send Russian tanks to the Czech Republic: "Yes, I too am thinking about moving back home. To Russia. I'm a fan of yours and I regret you didn't take me with you."

Konev brings extremists togther

"Hibler" is far from alone in his opinions - and he exemplifies the fact that Russia is a role model for the Czech extreme right. That was also confirmed by the recent demonstrations against the removal of a statue to Soviet Marshal Konev in Prague, where Communists and representatives of the ultra-right Workers' Youth, which is under the "Workers Social Justice Party" (DSSS), stood side by side.

Another example of this Czech-Russian collaboration is Vladimír Franta, the Czech correspondent for Russia's state news portal, Sputnik. He ran in the EP elections on the list of a group combining the political entities of "Rozumní (The Rational Ones)" and "Národní demokracie (National Democracy)," which is led by convicted antisemite Adam Bartoš.

The Russians have received Bartoš as a guest in occupied Crimea and at the embassy in Prague. That's the same embassy now claiming to be so concerned about the promotion of Nazism in the Czech Republic.

First published in Czech for the Institute of Independent Journalism (Ústav nezávislé žurnalistiky).

Roman Máca, Hlídací, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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